Chateau Cheval Blanc
2007| St Emilion, Premier Grand Cru Classe A| Chateau Cheval Blanc
Price  $650
Wait Time Skipped 120+ Months
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Will another wine dare to break the world record Cheval Blanc set in 2010 when a single imperial bottle from 1947 sold for $304,375 at Christies? Maybe it will be this 2007 vintage in 60 years time…

If elegance could be trademarked, Cheval Blanc would own it. Elegance is timeless and this wine will age far better and longer than most of us. One of the most famous Chateau’s in Bordeaux, Chateau Cheval Blanc, which is located on the border of Pomerol, is one of only four wines in history to be awarded the highest rank possible in St Emillion, the Premier Grand Cru Classe (A) classification.

Cheval Blanc is the wine constantly featured in movies and television as the most luxurious pinnacle of all wines. From James Bond to Mad Men, even the egotistic fictional character Anton Ego in Ratatouille refuse to drink any wine other than Cheval Blanc.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and the biggest challenge this wine faces is counterfeiting. Since the 1830’s when the first vintages were bottled, this wine has been an international force producing wines that every serious collector aspires to own. Some wait a lifetime for an allocation, most wait at Sotheby’s and Christies to bid on older vintages for tens, no, hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Now owned by LVMH, Chateau Cheval Blanc maintains the same strict process and impeccably high standards in winemaking the original family enforced almost 200 years ago. Managing Director Pierre Lurton has run the Chateau for over two-decades and was also given the iconic brand Chateau d’Yquem to manage. (Oh and we have some of these coming later this Fall too – shh…).

Acclaimed by collectors, scored perfectly by critics, Chateau Cheval Blanc has no comparison

In 2007 winemakers were exceptionally serious about the selection in sorting through the grapes. Only a third of the crop made the cut. This resulted in a mere 4,000 cases produced for 2007. With a wait list closer to 40,000 people, this wine has been highly anticipated for the past 7 years.

Listed on very 3 and 4 star Michelin rated restaurants this wine will be priced anywhere from $2,000 - $5,000 on wine lists. Better yet, bring your own bottle of Cheval Blanc to a restaurant and pay a small corkage fee, but still look like a global mogul / rockstar / celebrity / WhatsApp founder.

55% Cabernet Franc, 45% Merlot. Medium ruby colour. Dark berry fruit with hints of prunes and dark chocolate. Late-picked style. Ripe with hints of mocha. Fleshy, chewy and succulent.