Lamborn Family
2006| Cabernet Sauvignon| Howell Mountain,
Napa Valley
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It's really very simple, they cellared this bottle for 8 years, yes 8 years! It doesn't exist anywhere and now it appears like a gift from some special place like heaven or the wine cellar of French Laundry.

Founded by father and son Bob and Mike Lamborn, thirty years ago they purchased 40 acres of land on Howell Mountain in Napa Valley. Considered today to be one of the most prestigious regions within Napa, it is in large part because of the Lamborn Family’s reputation for producing collectible, age-worthy wines.

Winemaker Heidi Barrett's mastery begins once the grapes are picked, yet it is the work leading up to that point by the Lamborn family that truly make this wine exquisite. Farmers at heart, the family is driven by a simple philosophy: exceptional wine comes from exceptional grapes. The family spend innumerable hours in the vineyard fine tuning each and every single vine to adjust for constant changes in weather and climate. While Barrett keeps her secrets locked securely in the winery, the Lamborn family keeps theirs in the vineyard. Together, their secrets create age-worthy wines to covet for years to come.

Each year the Lamborn Family releases a very small amount (less than 700 cases) of Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel to their Members. 

The 2006, Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon is their most current release. Cellared and aged 8 years this is impossible to find and buy.

Heidi Barrett is the winemaker. Yes, the Heidi Barrett of the wine industry's original California Cabernet cult wine, Screaming Eagle, is the winemaker for the Lamborn Family. A woman with exceptional skill, coveted at auction houses such as Sotheby's, Christie's, and the esteemed Napa Valley Auction her wines draw anywhere from $2,000 to a record breaking $500,000 per bottle. "The First Lady of Wine" as dubbed by critic Robert Parker, she is so good at keeping her winemaking secrets that even the Lamborn family themselves don't know. Barrett was the original winemaker for several of Califonria's most revered labels today including Lamborn Family, Dalla Valle, Grace Family, Amuse Bouche and Au Sommet.


Gorgeous dark blackberry color with open and intense ripe fruit aromas. This wine smells like ripe black cherries, blackberry, with a touch of sweet vanilla, caramel, toasty French oak. Quite pure in its clean aromas which lead to similar ripe, concentrated purity of flavor. It feels very fat, round, and lush in the mouth with layered flavor bursts of fully ripened mountain-top Cabernet. Tannins are moderate and ‘in check,’ leading to a mid-palate chewy texture with a light dusty finish. Heidi Barrett, Winemaker