Knights Bridge
2010| Cabernet Sauvignon| Knights Bridge Estate Vineyard,
Sonoma County
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This Cabernet Sauvignon is at the center of quite a debate. Wine critics, Sommeliers, and on occasion a local blogger all try to lay claim for discovering this wine. Knights Bridge makes perfect (and we mean perfect) Cabernet Sauvignon and all who taste it, seemingly proclaim they found it.

This is no surprise given the four Founders take commitment to their vineyard to a whole new level. For seven years they’ve watched and reviewed every detail of the vineyard through microscopic-like lenses. The team takes tremendous pride at the cellular level of the vineyard focusing on the size, weight and resilience of every leaf and grape. Analyzing the soil, the sun, the water, it is little wonder how their perfect Cabernets have come to be the most talked about discovery in Napa and Sonoma.

Founded by a team of four: Jim Bailey, Tom Costin, Essel Bailey, and Tim Carl, they collectively hold PhDs in genetics, have been chefs with the US Navy, trained under Michelin star mentors such as Masa Kobayashi and Gary Danko, are on the Board of The Nature Conservacy, are avid environmentalists who fund and promote geothermal energy, have Post Doctoral Fellowships and Masters at Harvard and preside over a footwear company or two.

Knights Bridge sits on 100+ acres at the very border of Sonoma and Napa Valley. This location possesses one of the most rare climates in the world mimicking both Bordeaux and Burgundy conditions. The diverse microclimates within a single vineyard allow for stunning results.  No other vineyard has the best of two worlds in a single vineyard, quite an advantage in a very competitive industry. 

The first vintage was from 2006 and since that time winemaker Jeff Ames has quickly put Knights Bridge in the hands of the wine-elite. Coming from other cult wineries including Schrader, Tor and Maybach, Ames has initiated the ‘Big Drink’ method in the vineyard which is much like a ‘tough love’ method for winemaking. By reducing water to the vineyard each vine is forced to find its own water source in the ground, growing deeper, stronger and becoming more resilient as a result. Authentically pure and strong, the vines produce consistent premium grapes every season.

The hallmark notes of our Knights Valley vineyard —blackberry, dried lavender, and cocoa powder— immediately present themselves on the nose while baking spice, macerated blueberry, dried mint and wet stone offer a layered underscore. On the palate, this wine is incredibly rich and weighty, a broad-shouldered wine with deep, plush flavors of dark fruit, cassis, and earthy chocolate. The structure is seamless: the sweet tannins are balanced and well integrated, lending grip and frame while bright red fruit and brown spices wash through the long finish.. Jeff Ames, Winemaker