2012| Heroine Chardonnay| Iconic
Sonoma Coast
Price  $58
Wait Time Skipped 18 Months
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Unlike any other wine in the world, there are no picture of this one. The owners refuse to photograph the bottle. Just like the real superheros of this world, Heroine’s glory doesn’t come from the outside spotlight of the bottle, which has a spectacular gold hand-dipped neck, it’s the wine inside that makes the greatest impact. Only 50 cases are produced each year.

Refined and structured, if we didn’t know it was a California Chardonnay we would have guessed Pouilly-Fuisse, a delectable white wine from Burgundy. Normally we leave tasting notes in the “Tasting Notes” section for the winemaker but we must intervene and voice our opinion. It’s beautifully clean, very little oak, richness of stewed apples, peaches and honey. It’s so rare to come across this in a California Chardonnay we almost gave up.

Heroine Chardonnay is the result of two gentlemen, Karl Antle and Birk O’Halloran who met in college and bonded over all things nerdy, including comics. One followed tech, the other food and wine. Together they’re making heads turn with their ‘little’ wine Heroine.

While Antle took to innovations in tech, O’Halloran became part of the inner world of California wine. He makes wine, sells wine, consults for wineries, and every restaurant in NYC seems to know him and wants Heroine on their list. When he’s not busy in wine, he’s busy in food having just released his first art & food book.

Everything we thought we knew about California chardonnay, doesn’t apply. Expecting oak, oak, oak? The answer is nope, nope nope.

“POW!” written on the cork like a scene from Batman, it represents the wine’s deep level of intrigue. However, before one can even get to the cork, breaking the prestigious gold seal is the first test of strength. Heroine is one strong and powerful wine, not on the palate but in the room. This wine is not going unnoticed, its beauty defies traditional wine wisdoms. If only we had a picture…

From the esteemed Michael Mara Vineyard, the wine retains its graceful minerality. Up front, stone fruits like white peach and apricot and finishes of lush pear. – Birk O’Halloran, Winemaker.