2011| Cabernet Sauvignon|
Napa Valley
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Wait Time Skipped 48 Months
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One man dedicated to one perfectly crafted Cabernet Sauvignon. Produced inminiscule quantities, Gandona is the product of old-world farming, old-world dedication and new-world richness and flavor. Owner, Manuel Pires, was born in Argentina and purchased land on Pritchard Hill in 2007. He spent years looking for the perfect location, the rich red soils of the area are famous for the quality of grapes they produce and in recognizing his neighbors, Colgin, Ovid, Continuum among others, Pires wasted no time to secure land for himself on the hill.

Secret wineries are exciting. Napa is full of them and Gandona is one of the newest members of this unofficial secret wine society. Wine writers like to say they discovered Gandona and proclaim as the next cult wine while wine collectors love to boast they knew about its richly textured Cabernet all along.

There’s a reason the wait list is 4 years long. Gandona is exquisite. The ultimate insider wine is here.

Cult wines like Dalle Valle and Screaming Eagle credit their unique, rich soil as the secret weapon to their wines. But, where does their soil come from? It's the even richer soil high up on Pritchard Hill that runs down to feed these vineyards. Pritchard Hill is home to the secret wineries Napa Valley doesn’t want you to know about. Gandona is one of the 16 secret wineries that thrives from the opulent and rich red soils. The grapes are unlike any other in Napa Valley, so too are the wines.

Revealing the ingredients of a grand vin with intense flavors of black currant, blackcherry, tobacco, cigar box, licorice and minerals. The mouth feel is a harmonious combination of lush and sweet characters with finely grained tannins and lively fruit. The flavors follow through its generous and lengthy finish, a joyous conclusion to this wine of great depth and character.