2012| Pinot Noir, Monterey County
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Twenty years ago, San Francisco’s inner circle of the restaurant scene met in a Nob Hill apartment to combine their impeccable taste for food, wine and luxury. The outcome was Miura Vineyards, a Pinot Noir of refinement and elegance.

Crafted under the care of Master Sommelier Emmanuel Kemiji (who is one of only ten people in the world to pass the wine industry’s most difficult exam on their first attempt) this wine might be one of the best-kept secrets in cellars around the country. Unlike most wineries in California which release several wine varietals each year, Miura Vineyards produces just one varietal, Pinot Noir.

In 1994, chefs and restaurant owners Gary Danko, Laurence Jossel (Nopa), Gerald Hirigoyen (Piperade), Nick Peyton (Cyrus) and Ritz Carlton Master Sommelier Emmanuel Kemiji met and began building Miura Vineyards. Dedicated solely to cultivating grapes from the very best regions in California they launched a total of six Pinots from some of California’s most esteemed vineyards including Pisoni, Talley and Garys’ under the Miura label.

The weight and physical presence of every Miura bottle is captivating. Beautifully etched, the name “Miura” comes from the most famous breeder of Spanish fighting bulls, Don Eduardo Miura. The legendary Miura name signifies nobility, boldness and power.

Today, Miura is listed on some of the most awarded and globally recognized wine lists around the country and internationally. Particularly impressive considering how small production this wine is.

Traditionally the grapes come from one vineyard source on the border of Monterey County just 0.5 miles away from the famous Pisoni vineyards in Santa Lucia Highlands. However in 2009, being the insiders they are, the team was granted access to a second vineyard, the prestigious Silacci vineyards, a vineyard that today produces grapes for several other well-known, premium wine labels. Combining the two vineyards was incredibly fortuitous and further elevated Miura’s already sought after wines. The grapes from Silacci augmented the aromas, and balanced the earth flavors in the wine. As a result, this refined Pinot Noir ages beautifully. With four years of age, this current vintage is drinking supremely well and will age for another 3-4 years.

2009 was one of the most successful Pinot Noir vintages to come out of California. For Miura the wine is extremely luscious and full-bodied with strawberry and raspberry fruit. Balanced beautifully with earth tones of mushroom, tea leaves and wet clay. Emmanuel Kemiji, Master Sommelier