Adrian Fog
2012| Pinot Noir|
Sonoma Coast
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Numbers Vineyard in Sonoma Coast is known for its bold, opulent flavors. Juicy fruits, full, round, bigger flavors. Every grape picked by hand, selected with purpose.

They make one thing. The ultimate Pinot Noir. No Cabs. No Chardonnay. Nothing but Pinot Noir with distinct flavor profiles representing each of the vineyards. Some years there are just 23 cases, other years 500 cases. In either scenario, the team at Adrian Fog believes the best Pinot Noirs should have a unique sense of place.

Don’t be the person who incorrectly assumes Adrian Fog is a person. Adrian means dark and rich. Fog refers to the coastal climate the vineyards are situated in. Adrian Fog is not a person at all, rather, the person behind it all is Stewart Dorman, owner and winemaker of Adrian Fog.

Dorman has been making award winning wine, coveted by collectors for several years. His grounded sense of self, is a refreshing reprise from the usual larger than life ego’s that can exist in the prestigious world of Pinot Noir making. Dedicated to their craft, the team at Adrian Fog would rather spend all their time perfecting the wine, and as a result, hard-core Pinotphiles have followed.

Mother Nature. The team watches the effect of coastal fog patterns with keen eagle eyes, gut instincts and years of expertise. Clone differences in the grapes, age and vine orientation to the sun are paramount to the process. Picking, fermentation and barrel ageing are done by keeping all clones and blocks separate. By this detailed minutia and madness, they are able to learn and appreciate each wine's nuances and style intimately.

The grapes from a very small block which has weighty dark soil that sits lower toward the bottom of a series of rolling hills. Here, the morning fog lingers a bit longer and the cool night air hangs a little heavier - a perfect site for growing Pinot Noir. Aromas of intense dark red fruit are well layered and integrate nicely with spicy notes. This full bodied Pinot welcomes you with richness on the palate and leaves you smiling through the lengthy finish. Aged in tight grained French oak and bottled unrefined and unfiltered.
Stewart Dorman, Winemaker.